Here’s something quite old but I’m also quite proud of.


At times I am left to wonder
About the lines drawn by Fate;
If, somehow, there was another
That could have borne a greater weight
And changed Its overall design.

Maybe some stars shined too bright
That I was blinded by their glare.
If, by chance, I found another light,
Perhaps I would have dared
To draw a map with it as my guide,

And redirect the course of the ships
To take me where I need to go,
A final promise upon my lips
To my adversaries who scorn me so
To take this chance and make it mine.

If, from the start, I had been this wise,
I would have gone a different way.
Only now have I come to realize
The part of me I have kept at bay
Is the one I chose to leave behind.

Marie (2016)

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