My apologies for the inactivity. I’ve been going through some emotional problems lately and I just couldn’t find the energy to write or read almost anything. I’m only starting to find my rhythm again, so please bear my silence. I promise I will find my way back to what I love as soon as I can. For now, here is something that I’ve been meaning to share for a while:

Twin Flames

I wrapped your love around me
Like a blanket,
If only to keep myself warm at night,
While you wore your heart on your sleeve
Along with your scars.

You kept my secrets
As I did yours,
Buried within our hearts,
And we basked in the light of each other’s smiles,
Letting our shadows fall back
And fade into the background.

We are two flames dancing in the dark,
Our lights yet to die in smoke
And smolder in the summer rain.
Until then, our hearts remain intertwined,
Alight with the fire
We keep burning through the night.


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