How “Forever” Begins

Let us have today
and this little pocket of time
we call now.
Let it stretch farther out,
beyond what our eyes can see;
let it go on into forever.


“Forever — is composed of Nows —“

Emily Dickinson

I Can Never Stop

I can never stop wanting you
when you hold me like this
and I drift off into the clouds,
never to come down again.

I can never stop needing you
when you wipe away my tears
and I feel the pain ebb away,
to be replaced by your warmth.

I can never stop loving you
when your kiss feels like the first
out of the many others we have shared,
knowing nothing else compares to you.

I can never stop,
no matter how hard I try,
not when I know
that my heart belongs to you.


Photo from Pexels