As soft as the morning light
that slowly spreads in bright colors,
casting silhouettes along the pavement,
my steps are gentle, a lover’s touch,
easing away the pain the night has brought.

The smell of coffee hangs in the air,
a magnetic scent, all-too-familiar,
jolting me, a welcome sensation,
coursing down my throat
and into my veins.

Another cycle begins,
of waking, and dreaming, and falling asleep,
until the evening comes
to cast a different set of shadows
to be extinguished once again
in the morning light.


Photo from Pexels

6 thoughts on “Morning Light

    1. It’s more of my experience being nocturnal. I work the night shift, and during the days before the pandemic, I would get to see the sun rise over the city on my way home, and I would think how funny it is that everyone else’s day is about to begin while mine is over. As for the coffee bit, I’ve become dependent on it to stay awake, especially for Monday’s shift.

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