Maybe (2020 Version)

Maybe some stars shined too bright
that we were blinded by their glare.
Maybe some mountains were too high to climb
that we could only stand and stare.
Maybe the way home was too far away
that we had decided to stay.
Maybe the words would hurt too much
that we had kept them all at bay.

But maybe we weren’t meant to shine
as bright as the stars that burn,
and maybe the road was too dark to walk
that we only stood to yearn.
Maybe I was too young to understand
all of life’s cruel intentions.
Maybe I was meant to take a step
towards another direction.

Maybe some things were never built to last,
and others were meant to stay in the past.
Maybe, in the end,
life only moves so fast
that we must learn to live without the shadows we cast.


Note: This is based on a poem that I’ve written in 2016, which I also posted last June (click here to view the original poem).