Fold me,
mold me
into anything you see.
Make me,
decorate me
as pretty as you please.
Tear me
let me flutter in the breeze.
Love me,
touch me,
measure my every piece.

I am
everything you need.
I will be
you want me to be.


Photo from Pexels


Change my nature
to cure the illness
plaguing me.

But I feel no change
come about
at your touch.

Only noise
and false promises
from false gods.

Synthetic devotion:
a loving display
of affectations
to appease the wolves
at your door.


Note: I’ve just written this a few minutes ago, so there might be a chance I will be making a few changes later on. Good night ^.^

**Update** Changed the “,” after the word “devotion” to “:”